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About Art Connections Media
Art Connections Media is a division of Paid to Empower, LLC, a Colorado based company. Art Connections Media specializes in helping artists, galleries, shows & exhibitions and art buyers make the connections they need to thrive and live their passion for art.
Laurie Tossy is the Owner of Art Connections Media.

Laurie and her business partner created Paid to Empower, LLC and have been working online since 2004 marketing products and helping other businesses improve the profitability of their companies.

Throughout most of her career, Laurie served as a liaison, bringing together artists and technical personnel to bring artists' vision into print. For more than 30 years Laurie has applied her problem solving and communication skills to testing and research, teaching and finding creative solutions to challenges faced by students, customers, departments and businesses.

Art Connections Media is her vision to apply her internet marketing skills and background in art and technology to help other artists connect with art buyers.

A graduate of Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and California State University, Stanislaus, Laurie has degrees in both Graphic Communication and Fine Art.

Laurie has lived in Colorado since arriving here out of college in 1987 and has lived in Loveland since 2004. Laurie has used Internet Marketing and Social Media to promote her own products and services, create business relationships, and even to propel one of her books to become an Amazon Best-Seller.

Laurie is a stone sculptor, swimmer, a consummate traveler and is a published author.

Our Portfolio of Online Art Publications

Sculpture Digest
To simply say “We Love Sculpture” would be a serious understatement. We are the sculpture resource for Sculptors and art lovers of all media: bronze, clay, wood, stone, glass, bas-relief and in the round. We love it all!

Sculpture Digest is a thoroughly inspirational spot for sculptors and those who love art.
Painter's Digest
Painting is a way of living. At Painters Digest we live, breath, eat, sleep painting of all kinds. Whether you paint miniatures, murals, or a size somewhere in between, use watercolors, acrylics, oils, or even spray cans, we celebrate you and the work you create. We are a complete fine art painting resource for painters and art lovers around the world.
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Nature Photo Digest
We love nature and photography. What better way to fulfill both passions than by photographing the natural world around us?

Our staff is dedicated to bringing you beautiful images from around the globe along with tips and pointers for every photographer from novice to expert. We are the resource for both digital and print photographers.
Sketchbook Digest
Sketchbook Digest
Drawing is the basis of all art, and yet it is a delicious art form all its own.

At Sketchbook Digest we love drawing in all its guises. We are the complete resource for artists and art lovers who relish the quality of line and shading. Whether you use pencil, charcoal, conte or other media we are here to celebrate your work.
Whether you are an artist, a gallery owner, looking for an artist for a commission, or want to add to your private or corporate collection, we've got you covered